Locomation shutting down operations by month’s end

Locomation Inc., a 2018 spinout company from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center that worked to develop autonomous trucking solutions, will cease to exist by month’s end as the company disclosed it lacked the funds necessary to continue operations.

“We are ending significant operations this month,” Finch Fulton, vice president of policy and strategy at Locomation, said…

Fulton said Locomation’s CEO and Co-Founder Çetin Meriçli declined to issue a statement at this time.

Current employee count at Locomation stands at about 80 workers, almost all of whom work out of the company’s Lawrenceville headquarters at the Tech Forge building it leased from the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Fulton said about a dozen or so employees will stick around in the coming weeks to see the final wind-down of the company as it looks to sell its assets and IP to interested buyers.