The National Mobility Summit

Driverless cars, vehicle sensors and actuators, real-time navigation assistance integrated into social networking…these are all technologies being developed to make transportation safer and more efficient.

And while the process of creating these technologies is important, innovations like these can only come about when researchers talk to government and industry to know the real-world transportation problems and issues that are being faced.

As one of five national university transportation centers funded by the United States Department of Transportation, Mobility21 created opportunities for these innovators, and industry professionals and to collaborate.

Every year during the grant period, the National Mobility Summit invited all mobility-themed US DOT University Transportation Centers together for an event to discuss the real-world problems, opportunities and innovations in today’s transportation landscape. The summit provided a unique opportunity for researchers, government and industry representatives from across the country to participate in panel discussions, breakout sessions and a research showcase to share their ideas and create new collaborative efforts to transfer research to deployment.

In 2023, CMU was awarded Safety21, a new national UTC focusing on inventing, creating and guiding the future of transportation with a focus on safety.  Learn more about our current work and national safety summits by visiting our Safety21 website here.


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