From 2016 to 2023, the Mobility21 National University Transportation Center focused on leveraging new technologies and revolutionary trends in transportation.

Housed in the Traffic21 Institute, Mobility21 was a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pennsylvania, The Ohio State University and the Community College of Allegheny County.

The work of Mobility21 included inventing, creating and guiding the future of transportation.

Learn more about the projects supported as part of Mobility21 here:  Projects | M21 (

And read the policy papers published here: Research & Policy Papers – Traffic21 – A transportation research institute of Carnegie Mellon University – Carnegie Mellon University (

In 2023, CMU was awarded Safety21, a new national UTC focusing on inventing, creating and guiding the future of transportation with a focus on safety.  Learn more about our current work by visiting our Safety21 website here.

Where will the future of mobility take us?

Change is coming to transportation, whether we’re ready for it or not. We’re entering a transportation landscape rich with possibility, and full of challenges.

Streets are being redesigned to cater to all modes of commuters, not just drivers. Innovations in ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and real time transit services are re-imagining what it means to own your own car. Every feature of the automobile, from how they are fueled and owned to how they respond to the world around them and how the world responds to them, is being completely rethought and redesigned. America’s cities are tapping into real time infrastructure and mobility data to redefine how the transportation system works.

With all of this in mind, Mobility21, the National University Transportation Center for Improving Mobility launched. By leveraging new technologies and revolutionary trends in transportation, Mobility21  researched, developed and deployed cutting edge technologies, policies, and develop educational programs to lay the groundwork for next-generation vehicles and mobility services for all.