Pushing the needle on mobility.

The future of transportation and mobility isn’t coming. It’s already here. Automated and connected vehicles cars are operating on highways and city streets. Bike-sharing & ride-sharing are staples of every major city. And real time transit information and hand held navigation have become commonplace.

But even so, as the population grows and our nation’s cities expand, congestion is becoming a bigger problem outside of rush hour. Incredible innovations within the transportation sector are needed if we want to avoid global gridlock. Mobility21 aimed to discover, shape and guide new possibilities to transform transportation as we know it for all modes of transportation in all regions of our country.

    Research & Deployment

    Technologies, policies and incentives must work together to address the large-scale and rapidly-changing demands of transportation. At Mobility21, we are dedicated to research novel approaches to improve the use of infrastructure, utility of vehicles and lives of people.

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    Deployment & Technology Transfer

    It’s not enough for us just to pursue research. Our vision goes beyond that. At Mobility21, our goal for every research project is eventual pilot deployment and technology transfer so that our real-world partners may apply our innovations to address our country’s transportation challenges.

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    Education & Workforce Development

    Research and technology is only one half of the new mobility equations. The transportation industry is being deluged with disruptive technologies just as its current, aging workforce faces mass retirement. Educating, training and inspiring the currently and next generation of transportation professionals is critical to the success of new technology.

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    Diversity Initiatives

    The diversity of people, minds and talents lays the groundwork for a future transportation industry that severs all people and communities. Mobility21 is focused on breaking down barriers to create an environment of inclusion, collaboration and celebration of our differences.

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