Deployment Partners

Our Deployment Partner Consortium is utilized for identifying real-world transportation needs, research project development and deployment, technology licensing and commercialization, student recruitment for jobs and internships, class and capstone projects.

On Thursday, November 7, & Friday, November 8, 2019, over 300 attendees participated in the annual Symposium of the Traffic21 /Mobility21 Deployment Partner Consortium as part of the Traffic21 Ten Year Anniversary Symposium.  Participants included consortium members from the public and private sectors along with faculty and students. The symposium is sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University Traffic21 Institute and Mobility21 National University Transportation Center and held on CMU’s campus.

Putting our research, development and deployment approach into action – the symposium provided an opportunity for interaction and discussion among researchers, students and deployment partners. Conversations were held not only during the formal program, panels and poster sessions, but during breaks and over lunch.

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