Your old favorite kids’ wagon-maker Radio Flyer is rolling out e-bikes for grownups

The Radio Flyer e-bikes and e-scooter will be sold direct to consumer on the company’s website. The product line is launching with two e-bikes, with long-tail and mid-tail frames, five levels of pedal-assist, a throttle-only option, and a 500-watt motor that can reach speeds of 20 miles per hour; price starts at $1,699. There’s also one e-scooter, which starts at $599 and can reach a top speed of 16 miles per hour…

Pasin hopes that brand recognition is what will inspire people to choose a Flyer e-bike out of the many other options now available on the market, along with the fact that Flyer e-bikes and their accessories are designed with families, and not only the lone rider, in mind. If parents are still intimidated by e-bikes, a Radio Flyer version could make the electric option more accessible, Pasin adds, since people have grown up with the brand.