Your New Mazda Knows if You Are Naughty or Nice and Doesn’t Keep It a Secret

The Japanese automaker says in its Connectivity Privacy Policy that’s applicable in the U.S. that it “may collect, use, share, store, and secure data collected from your Mazda vehicle.” It does so through a factory-installed telematics system which is nonother than the combination of new hardware and software that we have seen installed on newer vehicles. Whilst online, Mazda can tap this rich source of data and learn more about you and how you handle your vehicle in one or more situations.

Mazda says the car’s telematics control unit (TCU) is activated before or after it reaches dealerships and underlines that the system cannot be deactivated by anyone else other than the marque. It also says that selling the car, transferring it, or terminating the lease will not stop this data collection unless the existing owner or the next one decides against it.