You Say Your AV Is Safe? Show Me

Arguing credibly about the safety of any autonomous vehicle (AV) requires somewhat more proof than a company like Waymo, Uber or GM declaring that its robocars are safe for commercial deployment. The automaker must be able to demonstrate that its AI-driven vehicles meet specific and rigorous standards…

Against this backdrop, Underwriters Labs, currently developing a “Standard for Safety for the Evaluation of Autonomous Products” — UL 4600 — said the members on its Standards Technical Panel (STP) met in person for the first time on June 12 and 13, to review and discuss the initial draft standard.

EE Times last week caught up with Phil Koopman, co-founder & CTO at Edge Case Research, a principal technical contributor to the draft.

The minutes of the first meeting are yet to be made public. Koopman, however, described the first meeting as “very positive and constructive.” He said the members hit all the main issues of UL 4600 that must find solutions.