Year in Review: Local autonomous vehicle industry grows

The past year proved to be full of change for Pittsburgh’s autonomous vehicle sector — huge investments, automaker partnerships and a long list of facility growth and movement.

The tone was set for 2019 in March when Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto issued an executive order outlining the city’s objectives and expectations for safe AV testing on its public roads…

Overall, Pittsburgh remains one of just two autonomous vehicle hubs (alongside Silicon Valley) in the United States, according to Raj Rajkumar, CMU professor and co-director of the General Motors CMU Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Lab.

He said he anticipates Pittsburgh will continue to become a strong player in the industry in the coming year.

“There is a lot of money and high-tech employees in California, but in terms of the core leadership and the major company investments happening in Pittsburgh, I think we compare well against what is going on in California,” Rajkumar said.