Xpeng Launches First Production Electric Car Using Nvidia’s High-Powered Xavier Chip

Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng has just launched its second production model, the P7 sedan, which includes at least two industry firsts. The P7 is the first production vehicle to take advantage of Nvidia NVDA’s Drive AGX Xavier platform. Thanks in part to the Xavier system-on-a-chip (SoC), it’s also one of the first production vehicles to go on sale with a level 3 (L3) conditionally automated driving system…

At the time that Xavier was launched, it was expected that the 30 TOPS it offered would be sufficient for L4 highly automated driving since that was 15,000 times the processing capacity of the computers in the Carnegie Mellon Chevrolet Tahoe that won the DARPA Grand Challenge a decade earlier.
Needless to say, as work on highly automated driving has progressed, it has become clear that more computing power will be needed to make automated vehicles safe and reliable. Thus in late 2019, Nvidia launched the 200 TOPS Orin SoC and Qualcomm QCOM announced it’s Snapdragon Ride platform that can scale up to a claimed 700 TOPS.