Would you want a driverless car? 75% of the UK population don’t!

This week the [UK] government announced plans to put £20 million into the research of driverless cars. Thanks to this funding, autonomous cars are set to be trialled in the UK by the end of the year. With this in mind, OSV Ltd spoke to the UK population to find out if they wanted driverless cars. Surveys have previously been carried out when the conception of autonomous cars was first released. OSV wanted to find out if people’s opinions about driverless cars have changed now the research has developed. The results from the survey carried out by OSV Ltd were overwhelming! 75% of the UK population said they did not want an autonomous car. People from England are even more against driverless cars with 82% saying they wouldn’t want one. People from Scotland are slightly more keen than other countries in the UK with 26% admitting they would want a driverless car.