World’s First Flying Car Airport Opens, But You Can’t Fly To Or From It

Urban-Air Port is opening its first Air-One demonstration site that previews plans for a smart vertiport. Urban-Air Port believes its new Air-One Vertiports will be epicenters of the coming green air transportation revolution. With plans to break ground on its very first location, Urban-Air Port hopes to demonstrate the use case for its planned global infrastructure of automated vertiports.

Urban-Air Port plans to build a national network of Air-One Vertiports around the United Kingdom. Their first Air-One Vertiport will open in Coventry where the ambitious project will undergo feasibility testing and real-world data analysis. This innovative project is backed by the UK government to help get things off the ground. According to Urban-Air Port, their network of Air-One Vertiports will allow for the movement of both material goods and people and offer a green automated solution to remedy road congestion, especially in urban settings.