World’s First ‘Bio-Motion’ Bike Light Makes Cyclists Look Like Humans

To accomplish that, the Flock Light uses an LED array that lights up the cyclist’s legs and throws a “halo” of light on the road around the rider. The effect is like stage lighting: the moving rider stands out in the resulting glow.

Project Flock also designed the light to sense ambient light changes, so it should shine more brightly as conditions get darker. Finally, it doesn’t seek to grab drivers’ attention by blinding them. Opting against the rapidly-blinking-super-high-power-LED model, the Flock Light looks to attract attention with the human body itself.

“A human form is far more recognizable to the human brain than a red flashing bike light because we react to it on a more emotional and cognitive level,” Ottaway asserts.

Whether human bodies or bright red flashing lights make you react more emotionally, the Flock Light is the first of its kind to make us consider the question.