Wonder when driverless cars could deliver your groceries? City of Austin works to pave the way

The City of Austin’s transportation department is helping pave the way for when autonomous cars hit the roads in Central Texas.

Transportation leaders are working on several initiatives to improve local infrastructure, which would better accommodate autonomous vehicle traffic.

In 2019, Ford began testing out its autonomous vehicle services in Austin, with the city being one of three where the company tests its technology.

The Ford Autonomous Vehicles began appearing in downtown and east Austin. Ford is working closely with Argo AI’s and using the company’s technology…

In the meantime, the City of Austin is working to add technology the cars would use to operate without drivers. One idea is piloting PINN networks, Public Infrastructure Network Nodes.

A PINN network could be built into already existing traffic poles. It would combine technology like putting a CD player, a camera and an iPod into an iPhone.