Will this be the world’s most accurate streetmap? Ambitious project launches in UK

The UK’s national mapping agency is working on a project to create almost real-time maps of the nation’s streets, which it says will help with everything from 5G rollout to autonomous driving.

The Ordnance Survey (OS) pilot project will see the vehicles of utility companies using a dashboard mounted camera to record the view of the road as they travel. The images from the camera are processed to identify details such as road signs, traffic lights, lamp posts, bollards, drains and man-hole covers which are then sent to the OS.

Highly precise maps are vital for everything from 5G deployments to smart city planning and autonomous driving projects….

The trial which uses technology from Mobileye, is currently being tested on 11 OS vehicles, with plans to scale up to thousands of vehicles over the next three to six months by getting utility companies onboard.