“Will Never Forget This”: Elderly Men Enjoy Their First Ride In Driverless Car In Viral Video

A video of two elderly men experiencing a ride in a driverless car for the first time in their lives is going viral on the internet. Posted on Instagram by the elderly man who goes by Patriotic Kenny, the video shows two men, Kenny and Jerry, surprised by a ride in a self-driving car.
The caption of the video reads, “Riding in a self-driving car was an experience of a lifetime!” According to Mr Kenny’s bio, he is an 81-year-old navy veteran from the United States.

The video shows Mr Kenny examining the car before getting inside. Moments later, he realises that the car was driverless and asked a woman named Kline, “Do you trust this?!”

Throughout the car ride, the elderly man asked several questions to Amanda. Impressed by the driverless car, he said, “I’ll never forget this.”