Will EVs be Ford’s ‘revival’? The automaker’s CEO, Chairman, and VP of sustainability believe so

The American automaker is in the midst of a complete brand overhaul, and its strategy to convert models people recognize the most into electric is paying off so far.

Ford first converted its legendary performance car to electric with the Mustang Mach-e. The Mach-e is Ford’s best-selling EV, with 25,765 sales in 2022. In August, Mach-e sales reached 3,120, 115% more than August 2021.

In April, Ford launched the Ford F-150 Lightning, introducing the first EV truck to its lineup. The F-series is Ford’s trademark – their best-selling truck brand – and the Lightning lives up to it in every aspect.

Ford F-150 Lightning sales are climbing with 6,842 since its release; the automaker has already delivered its EV truck to a customer in all 50 states. August was the EV truck’s best month so far, selling 2,373.

Yet Ford says it would sell more electric vehicles if it could keep up with demand. They are selling out as fast as they can make them.