Why the Time is Now to Reimagine City Life

Startups are uniquely positioned to solve some urban problems, but they face unique challenges when working with cities and the large, established industries that manage critical city services and infrastructure.

That’s why URBAN-X was created—to help a new class of urbantech pioneers engineer the city-as-a-service and steer past the roadblocks; from how best to work with city governments and highly regulated marketplaces such as energy and real estate, to dealing with slow budget cycles and local bureaucracies. MINI experts guide founders in design, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, community building and branding. Urban Us connects startups with the leading community of founders, investors, companies and city officials…

AI-powered road diagnostics
RoadBotics builds on research from Carnegie Mellon University to automate the inspection and analysis of streets. They precisely identify and rate a wide array of important roadway features and conditions, including cracks, potholes, signage, vegetation, debris and other characteristics. The company is currently serving municipal customers in Pennsylvania and California.