Why that report ranking Pittsburgh among the nation’s worst traffic may be wrong

Pittsburgh isn’t as dense has Boston, but it does share many similarities to the Massachusetts capital, including its relatively small size (in terms of area) and high percentage of commuters that walk to work. Pittsburgh has about 11 percent pedestrian commuters and Boston has 15 percent. This suggests these cities aren’t sprawled out in a way that makes long drives to work necessary, as they are in Houston or Atlanta.

According to the Brookings Institute, Pittsburgh’s average distance to commute is 8.1 miles. Cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and St. Louis easily eclipse that mark, as do several cities that weren’t included in the Inrix study. Pittsburgh is also denser than Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas.

Some also questioned why travel speed was weighed into the study at all. Bike Pittsburgh director Scott Bricker noted on Twitter that commuters care about overall travel time, not how fast they are going.