Why Excessive AI Politeness Could Be Oddly Inconsiderate, Implications Too For Self-Driving Cars

Politeness arises not only among humans, but also can appear when interacting with automation. There is a veritable tsunami of AI systems being developed and fielded, many of which make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). You are likely familiar with Alexa and Siri, which are prime examples of today’s capabilities at NLP and how such state-of-the-art AI systems interact with humans.

At first, the use of AI NLP was undertaken in a somewhat neutral or non-polite mode…

There are various AI research efforts trying to figure out these aspects, including taking non-polite human utterances and doing an automated translation into polite versions, using Machine Learning and Deep Learning, for which this is a lot harder than you might think (for an interesting study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University on politeness transfer