Which company has won the public’s trust in driverless cars?

The total investment in driverless technology is $100 billion to date, but money cannot necessarily buy the public’s trust…

It is clear that the industry has a way to go before it can fully win over the public, but a survey by Leasing Options of British drivers reveals that some brands have done more than others to achieve the all-important public trust in driverless cars.

Despite tech giants such as Google investing heavily in the technology, the public is still happier to put its faith in more traditional automakers. Some 62.6% said they would trust a driverless car made by an automotive company, over one made by a tech or taxi company.

Although 31% state that they trust tech companies to produce driverless vehicles, just 6% of the public trust taxi companies to produce the sufficient technology, with negative implications for companies such as Uber and Lyft.