Where Is Electric Truck Charging Energy Coming From?

To truly tackle the climate change crisis, the cycle of energy has to be sustainable.

“We’re not just thinking about the chargers and the infrastructure to make those work in terms of underground electrical interconnection. We’re thinking about where they draw their electrons,” said Nicole Geneau, senior vice president of development at AlphaStruxure, an “energy as a service” provider.

What is energy as a service? The phrase caught my attention as well. The trucking industry is well aware of software as a service (SaaS—think telematics services), and energy as a service is similar, but instead of data-driven software solutions, it’s the electrons with which you’re charging your trucks.

But it’s about more than just providing energy. An energy as a service provider finances, develops, owns and operates EV charging infrastructure for the customer, eliminating the upfront cost and risk for fleet owners and operators looking to electrify.