When will hyperloop be ready? Developers dispute study that says systems won’t launch until 2040

Developers of proposed hyperloop systems with ties to Pittsburgh strongly dispute an international research firm’s conclusion that the lack of government regulations and financing difficulties will delay the first travel through high-speed, low-pressure tubes until at least 2040.

Lux Research Inc., based in Boston and with offices in three other countries, released a report last week that concluded developers of the innovative system are far too optimistic in predicting commercial operation by 2030. Their researchers say the technology is available to move passengers at up to 700 miles an hour in pods, but the lack of a certified test facility for government regulation and the high cost will delay development of the systems…

A study by consultant Transportation Economics and Management Systems released in December said the system passing through Cleveland would cost about $40 billion but would generate a profit of about $30 billion over 25 years. The study assumed a public-private partnership with government providing rights of way and stations.