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Costa at ARPA-I summit

June 13, 2023

Today, leaders from Congress, industry, nonprofits, academia and labor were in attendance for the launch of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Infrastructure (ARPA-I).  “Newly created by the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, ARPA-I will fund high-reward next-generation physical and digital infrastructure technologies and systems that have the potential to modernize America’s transportation.”

Mobility21 UTC researcher and Principal Assistant Director for Energy and The White House Office of Science and Technology  Chief Advisor for Energy Policy Costa Samaras was on hand to welcome the group as the speakers laid out the vision of the future that the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Infrastructure (ARPA-I) is designed to deliver.  Participating in the event was Mobility21 Director Raj Rajkumar and former Traffic21 Women in Transportation Fellow Allanté Whitmore.

The event’s proceedings were recorded and can be viewed here.