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April 29, 2022

The Director of the Traffic21 Institute, Chris Hendrickson is excited to announce the establishment of a new donor fund at Carnegie Mellon University to support the work at Traffic21.  “Since 2009, we have conducted research and partnered with the community and industry partners to produce mobility solutions that improve safety, equity and efficiency of transportation systems.  The real world impacts include applications of artificial intelligence helping feed kids during COVID, improvements to traffic signals which reduce emissions from vehicles and smooths motorists travel, and tools that save municipalities money on roadway maintenance.”

The Traffic21 Fund will help support the initiatives  including student education, workforce development,  research deployment, and technology transfer.  Stan Caldwell, Traffic21  Executive Director has helped several researchers transfer their work  into new products, services and companies.  “We are preparing the current and future workforce from high school students to Ph.Ds. with the tools they need to manage emerging transportation technologies.  In addition, we have supported researchers in spinning off seven companies who employ workers and support economic development in our region.”

We invite you to be part of the inaugural donor cohort supporting our work.  We will be recognizing this inaugural group of donors at our fall Deployment Partner Consortium Symposium in the fall of 2022.

All gifts made through this fund are fully tax-deductible.  Consider making your gift today, https://mobility21.cmu.edu/welcome-to-the-traffic21-fund-page/.