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Karina Ricks Lecture

October 25, 2021

The Remaking Cities Institute in the CMU School of Architecture hosted Karina Ricks, Acting Associate Administrator for Research, Demonstration and Innovation with the Federal Transit Administration to lead a talk  focused on the connection between transportation mobility and social mobility, underscoring the importance of connecting communities to better opportunities through better access to transit and other forms of mobility.   She presented this as part of a larger social context in which innovation’s greatest value would come with a full reckoning of how to better measure access to mobility and its impact on people’s lives.

In a lively Q&A that followed the talk, Karina responded to questions about the future of more diverse leadership in transportation, the importance of respecting lived experience in shaping future transit and mobility options, with comments and questions from CMU students, faculty, and recent graduates, including former Traffic21 Women in Transportation Fellow Ngani Ndimbie