What's Happening

April 22, 2022

Traffic21 Women in Transportation Fellow Hajra Shahab and Executive Director Stan Caldwell participated in the “The State of Our Autonomous Vehicle Industry” event hosted by Pittsburgh Robotics Network.

Seeing industry leaders in the AV space coming together to discuss the future of this technology and the industry at large was an enriching experience. Hearing from leaders from Aurora, Argo AI, Motional, Waymo, and Locomation about the humble beginnings of this technology to full-scale commercialization and IPO listings speaks to how much the industry has grown in a couple of years. It was also quite interesting to see how each industry leader was or has been very closely affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, particularly the Robotics Institute and University Professor William (Red) L. Whittaker who happens to have mentored almost everyone on the panel during their time at CMU. Professor Red also received the Pittsburgh Robotics Impact Award for his Leadership and Excellence in Robotics at the event.” – Hajra Shahab