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May 12, 2021

Today, 5 Pennsylvania University Transportation Center (UTC) representatives joined together to present the “Get to Know the PA UTCs” workshop during the American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania Spring Conference.

The workshop began with a general overview of the UTCs.  This included history on the establishment of the UTC program, what UTCs do (research, education and workforce development, technology transfer, collaboration), how to find UTCs, and how to get involved in UTC activities.

Then, each UTC provided an overview of their specific research areas and programs:

  • Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure Systems, Penn State University – Dr. Eric Donnell, Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of Larson Transportation Institute
    • Reviewed their program vision “Improve integrateUTC - CIAMTISd asset management through research, education, and outreach activities that will enable transportation agencies to invest infrastructure funds when and where most critically needed” and focus areas:
      • Application of Innovative Materials and Technologies
      • Condition Assessment and Health Monitoring
      • Infrastructure Management and Innovative Financing
  • Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure, Lehigh University – Spencer Quiel, Ph.D., PE, Associate Professor
    • Described that “This is the first and only UTC focused on underground construction. Operating with aUTC1 mission to be a leader in the development of sustainable, less costly and more durable technologies for underground transportation infrastructures that can be efficiently constructed, operated and maintained, providing solutions for future underground transportation projects.”
  • Cooperative Mobility for Competitive Megaregions, University of Pennsylvania – Erick Guerra, Associate Professor
    • Explained “Our center supports research that establishes a legal framework for cooperative megaregion transportation planning; develops analytical framework targeting passenger and freight mobility improvement in megaregions; capitalizes access-enablingUTC-C2M2-Tech-Transfer spatial strategies; promotes equity for elderly and rural populations in and around the megaregion; creates environmental justice metrics in the megaregion context; improves public participation at the megaregional scale; optimizes multi-modality and inter-modality; and develops a GIS-based planning support system for cooperative mobility in megaregions.”
  • Mobility21, Carnegie Mellon University – Lisa Kay Schweyer, TDM-CP, MPM, Program Manager
    • UTC - Mobility21Discussed their partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania, the Ohio State University and Community College of Allegheny, education and workforce efforts/student involvement and the launch of the new executive education session Managing AI in Transportation.

The group encouraged the attendees to learn more about the UTCs and to get involved:

    • Sign-up for Newsletters
    • Propose Research Ideas
    • Attend Webinars/Seminars
    • Share Internship & Job Opportunities
    • Invite UTC researchers to speak at events/conferences

To learn more about the Department of Transportation’s UTC program and locate a UTC near you, click here.