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March 10, 2022

NAVLAB Webpage

Watch an interview with NAVLAB’s John Kozar, Engineer & Manager (retired) and Christoph Mertz, Principal Project Scientist to learn more about the history of NAVLAB.

The interview was conducted on January 27, 2022, by Lisa Kay Schweyer, Program Manager for Traffic21 Institute and the Mobility21 University Transportation Center.

The interview was edited into several topic areas:


“The Carnegie Mellon University Navigation Laboratory group builds computer-controlled vehicles for automated and assisted driving. Since 1984, [they] have built a series of robot cars, vans, SUVs, and buses. More recent research of Navlab expand to smart infrastructure, focusing on machine vision application and affordable sensors.”https://www.ri.cmu.edu/robotics-groups/navlab/

NAVLAB 1https://www.ri.cmu.edu/robot/navlab-i/

Additional background on NAVLAB can be found in the article How a big blue van from 1986 paved the way for self-driving cars written by Shubham Agarwal and published February 5, 2022 on Digital Trends.