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Rayna Hata

June 15, 2021

Mobility21 is pleased to welcome and support Rayna Hata, a participant in the 2021 Robotics Institute Summer Scholars (RISS) Program.

At Mobility21, we view research and education as two sides of the same coin. We cannot educate for future generations without exposing them to research, development and deployment. On the other hand, we cannot do successful research, development and deployment without the input of future generations.

RISS Logo“The Carnegie Mellon University RISS Program is an intensive summer research program for talented undergraduate students. Summer Scholars have the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research projects, interact with a diverse research team, and to be mentored by leading faculty and technical staff. The program introduces aspiring students to dynamic research resources and methods, RI graduate education programs and research projects. The Summer Scholars program lasts 11 weeks.”

“RISS connects students from across the country and world to contribute to robotics research alongside top CMU researchers. There were over 700 applicati

Map Showing Home Countries ofRISS Students

ons to the RISS 2021 program from more than 40 countries and over 300 institutions worldwide. With 58 scholars from 13 countries and 43 home universities, the 2021 RISS cohort is the largest cohort since the inception of the program in 2006. Fifty percent of the participating scholars are from communities underrepresented in STEM…The RI scholars’ research experience is guided by outstanding research mentors that represent the incredibly diverse robotics research from across the Institute.”

More from Mobility21 RISS Summer Scholar, Rayna Hata

“Hi, my name is Rayna Hata, and I am a rising junior at Colby College in Maine studying computer science. I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in robotics at an institution where innovation through collaborations is fostered and encouraged. This summer, I am thrilled to be working under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Smith and Dr. Issac Isukapati in their Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Laboratory where I will be working on their PedPal app, an app designed to assist pedestrians with disabilities and/or mobility challenges to safely cross signalized intersections. Specifically, I will be working on getting better localization of the pedestrian’s location in relation the crosswalk that they are approaching or on. In my previous experience with robotics, I focused on how to make robots that can make carrying large loads easier for those with injuries and disabilities. I am excited to gain research experience in robotics and make connections with the other cohort members! I would like to thank Dr. Stephen Smith, Dr. Issac Isukapati, Mobility21, and the RISS sponsors and partners for making this opportunity possible.”

Rayna continues “After selecting my research project, I looked at different types of distance sensors and beacons that may work for the PedPal app and the pedestrian traffic signals. I am very excited to keep going and further my knowledge about accurate localization. I am thrilled to be a part of this program, make connections with the other members of the cohort, and grow my skills at becoming a researcher in robotics.”