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Photo of Stan Caldwell

May 14, 2020

Mobility21 Executive Director Stan Caldwell presented the Mobility21 UTC project “Changing Hunger: CMU Works with 412 Food Rescue and Allies for Children to Deliver School Lunches to Children due to COVID-19” during today’s Research, Education, and Training Reauthorization Coalition (RETRC) virtual spotlight for Congressional Offices and Transportation Stakeholders.

There were 85 registrants for the webinar, including 15 from Department of Transportation, 25 from congress, and 40 transportation stakeholders.  Also presenting as part of the webinar were several other university representatives discussing how they are monitoring the impacts of COVID-19, working with health care and policymakers to address COVID-19’s effects, and helping public transportation agencies to address the challenges of the pandemic now and in the future.

RETRC advocates for and advances university transportation research.  RETRC is composed of 22 universities, which work with over 100 different universities spread across 42 states making it a truly national organization.

View Stan’s presentation at 57:00 here