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Rahul standing in front of open garage

April 4, 2022

Mobility21 UTC researcher, Rahul Mangharam from the University of Pennsylvania will be leading the Autoware Center of Excellence, with the objective of bringing together industry and academia to advance Autonomous Driving technology based on Autoware Open-Source Software.

“The Autoware CoE for autonomous driving was setup because we believe that all machines that move people and goods will have a significant element of autonomy. Our goal is to develop OpenAV software for OpenEV platforms. As electric vehicle platforms get standardized, we produce production-grade open-source autonomy software stacks for systems in logistics, material handling, cargo delivery, last-mile and closed-system transportation solutions. Our team of engineers develop the autonomous driving modules of perception, planning and control to lower the barrier of entry and expand the availability of autonomous driving capability for industry, government and researchers. The CoE is backed by the $14MM DoT Mobility21 National University Transportation Center and serves as a physical developer laboratory for over 60 Autoware partners, DoT projects and University of Pennsylvania’s robotics researchers.” – Rahul Mangharam

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