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Smart Mobility Connection

August 24, 2020

Mobility21 is resuming the Smart Mobility Connection Series with the start of fall semester with a vast array of presentations.

Please join us on Friday, September 11 at Noon for our first session in the series featuring UTC researcher Dr. Megan Ryerson of the University of Pennsylvania.  She will be speaking on Building Novel Traveler-Centric Metrics to Design Safe and Efficient Transportation Infrastructure Systems.”

Register here to join the webinar.

Smart Mobility Connection seminar series:  As the nature of transportation continues to evolve, Carnegie Mellon University has students and faculty conducting transportation related research in data analytics, robotics, public policy, engineering, architecture and design, and more.  Since not all of these efforts are co-located in the same building, or even the same department, there was a need to help building a “community space” to bring together people interested in transportation on CMU’s campus.  This was the impetus for Mobility21’s launching of the SMC  One of the University Transportation Center  faculty is featured at each hour long session; half of the time is reserved for questions and answers as well as networking.