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Screenshot of the Consequential Podcast

December 28, 2021

Public transportation is one of the most critical aspects of our infrastructure, but it is also one of the most imperiled and underfunded. This episode looks at how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan’s historic investment in public transit and other targeted policymaking can build the transportation systems of the future, with guests and UTC researchers Stan Caldwell¬†and Corey Harper, as well as Eric Goldwyn, and Anthony Foxx.

Consequential is a Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University podcast that looks at the human side of technological change and develops meaningful plans of action for policymakers, technologists and everyday people to build the kind of future that reduces inequality, improves quality of life and considers humanity. In its third season, Consequential will examine how AI and machine learning will impact research practices and data collection, as well as the development and dissemination of knowledge. Topics will include combatting disinformation, the ethics of crowdsourced research, and representation in open source software development. Hosted by Lauren Prastien and Eugene Leventhal.