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Photo of Stan Caldwell

May 21, 2019

Stan Caldwell, Mobility21’s Executive Director, sat down with Ken Dunlap, Managing Partner of Catalyst-Go, a company that specializes in the autonomous technologies industries, to discuss urban mobility in their latest podcast.

The podcast entitled ““Key Lessons in Urban Mobility” explores a wide variety of topics, including how Pittsburgh has transitioned from an industrial city to one that competes with Silicon Valley for companies and talent.

Ken and Stan discuss the role of Traffic21 and Mobility21 in the transformation of Pittsburgh including the model of using seed funding from partners to develop, research and deploy technology in the city. Stan discusses how the formula has led to successful university-government partnerships and how these partnerships are helping the mobility of the greater Pittsburgh region and subsequently nation-wide.

The podcast then shifts gears to discuss the whole picture of Mobility21 and how the transportation center and the future of transportation is not simply about automation but rather using new urban mobility technologies to ensure that all, not just some, communities benefit. Stan describes the difference between Pennsylvania’s approach to automation and policy compared to states like California – and how Pennsylvania’s might be a better recipe for success.

Listen to the podcast to hear Stan share the lessons he and his Mobility21 colleagues have learned and are learning while research, developing and deploying technology in mobility:  https://www.catalyst-go.com/thinkingthroughautonomy/2019/5/24/stan-caldwell-lessons-in-urban-mobility.