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Carlee Benhart Kukula

November 3, 2020

Traffic21 Women in Transportation Fellow Carlee Benhart Kukula started as a communications and policy intern for Robowitz in June of 2020, but found the work so exciting that she stayed on through the fall semester. “Equity in western Pennsylvania is extremely important to me,” said Carlee. “I grew up in a rural county and knew that issues of rural access and equity were close to my heart. Before this summer, I never saw myself necessarily working to help support education, but I was so excited to see how Robowitz  stepped up to create ‘The Robot Doctor’ program to address gaps in STEM education during the pandemic that I immediately knew I was working with the right people.”  Carlee is helping to partner with schools and other organizations which serve students who are underrepresented in STEM.  Carlee presented at the Pennsylvania TRIO conference and is scheduled to present at TEEAP, and to Intermediate Units.   Contact Carlee on LinkedIn for more information.