What's Happening

November 7, 2019

A talented group of national leaders attended the Carnegie Mellon University Traffic21 Institute and Mobility21 National University Transportation Center (UTC) Advisory Council meeting, held on CMU’s campus today.

Mobility21 UTC Director, Raj Rajkumar and Traffic21 Director, Chris Hendrickson welcomed the group, and provided an overview of update of activities and plans at the centers.  The day continued with a discussion on technology transfer and plans for the upcoming National UTC Mobility Summit scheduled to be held in Washington, DC on April 2, 2020.

Throughout the meeting Advisory Council members shared their expertise and ideas on workforce demand, technology trends, research needs,  and new funding opportunities to advance the missions of Traffic21 and Mobility21.

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The Mobility21 team is a tight collaboration among Carnegie Mellon University (Lead), the University of Pennsylvania, the Ohio State University and the Community College of Allegheny County, and brings to bear the reach and scale of all four institutions.

Tackling the multi-faceted nature of Traffic21 and Mobility21 objectives requires coordinated research, education, workforce development and technology transfer.  This work is supported by researchers spanning multiple disciplines such as engineering, computer science and robotics, public policy, urban design, information systems and data analytics.

The distinguished Advisory Council of national leaders provides strategic guidance and counsel.  Advisory Council members include:

  • Raymond T. Betler, former President and CEO of Wabtec Corporation
  • Rebecca M. Brewster, President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Transportation Research Institute
  • Robin Chase, Co-founder Zipcar, Veniam, NUMo
  • Ty Gourley, Vice President of the Hillman Family Foundations
  • Charles L. Hammel III, President and owner, PITT OHIO Express
  • Ashley Hand, Co-founder CityFi; formerly Transportation Technology Strategist Fellow for Los Angeles
  • Katharine Kelleman, Chief Executive Officer at Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • Jane Lappin, Director, Public Policy & Government Affairs, Toyota Research Institute
  • Ken McLeod, Policy Director at The League of American Bicyclist
  • James A. Misener, Senior Director, Technical Standards at Qualcomm
  • Leslie Richards, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • David Roger, President of the Hillman Family Foundations
  • Paul Skoutelas, President and Chief Executive Officer of The American Public Transportation Association
  • Kirk Steudle, Senior Vice President of the Econolite Transportation Systems Group and subsidiary CAVita, and former Director of Michigan Department of Transportation

Learn more about the Advisory Council members here.

The next in person meeting of the Advisory Council will be in November 2020.