What's Happening

October 25, 2021

The CMU Autonomous Technologies for Livability And Sustainability Planning Grant for Engineering Research Centers recently announced their Year 2 award winners, including projects featuring several Mobility21 UTC researchers (listed in green):

  • Pingbo Tang, Burcu Akinci, Yorie Nakahira – Self-diagnosing and predictive control coupling human-building systems with partial and noisy human being interaction logs in building automation systems
  • Corey Harper, Jeremy Michalek, Ding Zhao, Gregg Lowry, Destenie Nock, Costas Samaras, Daniel ArmaniosA digital twin virtual testbed for sustainable and equitable autonomous food delivery
  • Matteo Pozzi, Jeremy MichalekEquitable ridepool using autonomous electric vehicle fleets with community driven stops
  • Soummya Kar, Mario BergesEnergy efficient community connected buildings