What's Happening

CMU Block Center

June 9, 2022

The CMU Block Center for Technology and Society announced the spring 2022 funded projects, which included projects led by several Mobility21 UTC researchers:

  • Professors  Jodi ForlizziSarah Fox, and Chinmay Kulkarni  for their continued research on designing automation policies for workers in the hospitality industry.
  • Rick Stafford to develop a web-based tool to address to shortcomings of current practices in community asset mapping, which will be piloted in multiple municipalities in the region.
  • Beibei Li and Lee Branstetter to continue to investigate new transportation options to drive low-income citizens to greater success.
  • Rick Stafford and Valerie Karplus to develop an integrated research effort to characterize job opportunities in a regional transition to clean energy, with a focus on mapping the skill sets of today’s underemployed and vulnerable populations to employment opportunities in a decarbonizing regional economy.