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Jeremy Michalek and Team at TRB Annual Meeting 2023

January 12, 2023

Carnegie Mellon University and Mobility21 UTC researchers, staff and students took part in several lectern and poster sessions during the 2023 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting including:

Poster Sessions:

      • Estimating Dynamic Origin-Destination Demand for a Multimodal Transportation Network: A Computational Graph-Based Approach – Sean Qian and Qiling Zou
      • Assessing the Impact of Communication Delay on Speed Harmonization of Connected and Automated Vehicles: Application of Markov Decision Switching to Field Experimental Data – Zulqarnain Khattak
      • Identifying Safety-Critical, Heavy-Duty Vehicles in Fleets with Complementary Vehicle Inspection Data Sets Through Cross-Database Clustering Analysis – Pingbo Tang, Chenyu Yuan, Ying Shi, Ruoxin Xiong
      • COVID-19 Public Transit Precautions: Trade-Offs Between Risk Reduction and Costs – Lily Hanig, Corey Harper, Destenie Nock
      • Calibrating Bridge Element-Level Condition Ratings Through Weighted Inspection Behavior Analysis – Pengkun Liu, Ying Shi, Ruoxin Xiong, Pingbo Tang
      • Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Autonomous Ground Delivery Vehicles – Thiago Rodrigues, Jeremy Michalek, Constantine Samaras
      • Should Ridesourcing Services Pool More Rides? – Matthew Bruchon, Connor Forsythe, Jeremy Michalek
      • Smart Curbspace: Estimating the Potential for Optimized Delivery Vehicle Parking Assignment to Reduce Double Parking, Congestion, and Energy Consumption – Aaron Burns, Jeremy Michalek, Constantine Samaras
      • Does Congestion Pricing for Uber and Lyft Work?: Effects of Chicago’s Downtown Zone Surcharge – Matthew Bruchon, Connor Forsythe, Charlotte Andreasen, Kate Whitefoot, Jeremy Michalek
      • What’s Driving Electric Vehicle Adoption?: Evaluating Changes in U.S. Consumer Preferences and Vehicle Technology – Connor Forsythe, Kate Whitefoot, Jeremy Michalek


Lectern Sessions:

      • Taking a Multimodal Approach to Equitable Bikeshare Station Siting – Zhufeng Fan, Corey Harper
      • Tools for Assessing Transportation Demand Management Strategies – Lisa Kay Schweyer
      • Bridge Management Models for Load Ratings and Repair Methods – Pingbo Tang
      • Using Automatic Passenger Counting-Automatic Vehicle Location Data to Improve Transit Reliability and Accessibility Analysis – Daryn Lee, Sean Qian
      • A Two-Stage Multi-task Learning Model for Proactive Non-recurrent Traffic Prediction – Sean Qian
      • Air Pollution, Greenhouse Gas, and Traffic Externality Benefits and Costs of Fully Electrifying Ridesourcing Services – Jeremy Michalek
      • Ridesharing the Wealth: Effects of Uber and Lyft on Jobs, Wages, and Economic Growth – Adam Koling, Daniel Armanios, Jeremy Michalek, Connor Forsythe, Akshaya Jha
      • How Clean Does the U.S. Electricity Grid Need to Be to Ensure Electric Vehicles Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? – Jeremy Michalek
      • Exploring the Congestion, Emissions, and Energy Implications of Switching from In-Person to Online Grocery Shopping – Carlos Mateo Samudio Lezcano, Corey Harper, Destenie Nock, Gregory Lowry, Jeremy Michalek
      • Will Pickup Truck Owners Go Electric? – Connor Forsythe, Kate Whitefoot, Jeremy Michalek