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April 29, 2020

CMU Professor, UTC Researcher, and former FCC Chief Jon Peha was featured in the Communications Daily article “Auto Industry’s New 5.9 GHz Offer Doesn’t Impress O’Rielly.” 

Dr. Peha is quoted  in the article having:  “… urged the FCC to pause. The NPRM “proclaims that it ‘believe[s] that ITS [intelligent transportation system] users can be accommodated in a significantly smaller spectrum space considering the recent and anticipated future technological developments,'” Peha said: “No analysis or other form of evidence is presented to support this belief.” “It should be possible to simultaneously prevent crashes on our roads, provide enough spectrum for Wi-Fi, and prepare the U.S. to lead the way in autonomous vehicles, but only if government agencies do the hard work,” Peha told us: “That hasn’t happened.”