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January 22, 2021

The 2019 UTC Annual Report to Congress has been released to various members of Congress and posted on the UTC website.  The Mobility21 project, “Improving Rush Hour Traffic Flow by Computer Vision-Based Parking Detection and Regulation” can be found on page 12.

This report discusses the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act, 49 U.S.C. §5505 as amended by P.L. 114-94, Sec. 6016) requirements which includes summary reporting for:

  • Ongoing or recently completed UTC research project examples by each of the 37 Centers;
  • Regional Centers to address transportation safety, congestion, connected vehicles, connected infrastructure, and autonomous vehicles;
  • New technology transfer plans and reporting requirements to guide and strengthen the UTCs technology transfer activities;
  • Summary of UTC program-wide performance indicators measuring productivity at individual Centers for four years;
  • Discussion of research repositories used to disseminate results of UTC research.