Mobility21 Exec Director Guest Lectures for Heinz College

February 23 rd, 2019

February 23, 2019

Mobility21 Executive Director, Stan Caldwell, was a guest lecturer in Heinz College course on Food Insecurity and discussed the mobility challenges getting people to food or getting food to people in poor rural communities.  The course is led by both Carnegie Mellon University and Waynesburg University.

Smart Mobility Connection with Chris Hendrickson

February 22 nd, 2019

February 22, 2019

Today’s Smart Mobility Connection featured Chris Hendrickson, Director of Traffic21.  Based upon the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s study ‘Renewing the National Commitment to the Interstate Highway System: A Foundation for the Future’ Hendrickson led us through a look back at the impacts and innovations of the Interstate Highway System, including engineering, financing and planning challenges.  Read the study here.  Watch the seminar here.

UTC Researcher Demos Her Personalized Trip Planner for Seniors

February 22 nd, 2019

February 22, 2019

Maxine Eskenazi, UTC researcher, led a very successful demo of her Personalized Trip Planner for Seniors at the AARP meeting today.  The meeting attendees were surprised to learn the service will be free to users.  Maxine said she hopes to release the service this summer.

Mobility21 Program Manager Presents Traffic21 Overview at Engineering Accelerator

February 22 nd, 2019

February 22, 2019

At the CMU Engineering Research Accelerator staff meeting, Lisa Kay Schweyer, the Program Manager for Traffic21 and Mobility21 presented an overview of the Traffic21 Institute.  She reviewed the history of the Institute and the T-SET and Mobility21 University Transportation Centers housed within the Institute.  She provided highlights of the research projects, partnerships and collaborations and other initiatives.

UTC Faculty Named Professor of the Year by ASCE Pittsburgh

February 21 st, 2019

February 21, 2019

UTC Faculty, Costa Samaras was named the American Society of Civil Engineers Pittsburgh Section’s Professor of the Year for his commitment to the profession and to cultivating young students. Samaras is known for his ability to get students excited about engineering and students value him as both a mentor and a friend because of his dedication to preparing them for a career in engineering. 

UTC Faculty Meeting Features Financial Support Overview

February 20 th, 2019

February 20, 2019

The UTC Faculty Meeting highlighted the financial teams behind Mobility21 and Traffic21. The teams presented on logistics and requirements of research projects. The meeting presented many unique questions were asked, signifying the importance of connected faculty and researchers with finance teams for operations. The meeting also highlighted UTC updates and news.

RoadBotics Featured at Formula E

February 16 th, 2019

February 16, 2019

Picture this: It’s Mexico City, 83 degrees, sunshine, 25,000 visitors and a RoadBotics booth! The Mobility21 UTC spin-off company, RoadBotics, had a booth at the FIA Formula-E Championship in Mexico City. RoadBotics was also there as a finalist for the FIA Smart Citis Global Starup Contest with MassChallenge Switzerland.

Elsevier Article Highlights UTC Research Project Results on Benefits of Partial Vehicle Automation

February 15 th, 2019

February 15, 2019

UTC Researchers, Abdullah Khana, Corey D. Harper, Chris T. Hendrickson, and Constantine Samaras, published their work titled “Net-societal and net-private benefits of some existing vehicle crash avoidance technologies.”  Bottom line results: even higher net benefits as technology improves.  Article shares how $600 per vehicle for warning systems would produce $40 Billion per year in social benefit.  Read the full paper.

Smart Mobility Connection with Costa Samaras

February 8 th, 2019

February 8, 2019

Today’s Smart Mobility Connection featured Costa Samaras, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at CMU. Costa highlighted his work with the economic, environmental and travel implications of changes in parking choices due to driverless vehicles. Costa’s study estimates the potential impact of privately-owned driverless vehicles on vehicle miles traveled, energy use, emissions, parking revenue, and daily parking cost savings in the city of Seattle, Washington from changes in parking decisions using an agent-based simulation model.  Click here to watch the video recording of this SMC session.



Mobility21 Executive Director Appointed to CARMA Advisory Group

February 7 th, 2019

February 7, 2019

Stan Caldwell, Executive Director of the Mobility21 University Transportation Center was appointed to the advisory group for the Cooperative Automation Research Mobility Applications (CARMA) platform which supports the testing and evaluation of connected and automated vehicle research. This opportunity will have Caldwell directly involved in how research can support advancing the use and implementation of Transportation Systems Management and Operations  strategies and more.


Photo of TRB logo

Traffic21 Director Appointed as TRB Division Committee Chair

February 6 th, 2019

February 5, 2019

Traffic21 Director, Chris Hendrickson was unanimously approved by the National Research Council (NRC) Governing Board to be the new Transportation Research Board (TRB) Division Committee Chair. The  TRB Division Committee  is charged to ensure that NRC procedures and policies are faithfully employed with respect to study and project committee appointments and report review.

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