What will summer vacation be like in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Stan Caldwell, a traffic researcher and chief of Carnegie Mellon University’s Traffic21 Institute, said most Americans are likely staying at or near home this weekend and in the months ahead, noting that airplanes, trains and buses are operating well below normal levels following a plunge in demand early in the spring.

Revamping travel in those modes may be challenging because it is dependent on Americans regaining confidence in their safety.

Those who travel this summer will mostly do it by car and to regional destinations, experts say. Emptier roads and low fuel prices combined with cabin fever brought on by extended stay-at-home orders will probably drive regional and local leisure trips…

“Vehicle travel will be the travel of choice for summer vacation and starting this weekend,” Caldwell said. “My prediction is that there will be more regional travel by vehicle, but less overall travel in general.”