What To Expect When You Rent A Car Now (You’ll Be Surprised)

One of the most surprising recent developments has been with Hertz, which has charged forward with EV adoption.

Stan Caldwell, who teaches transportation and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, says it’s one of the standout trends of 2023. In September, Hertz announced it would order up to 175,000 EVs from GM over the next five years. Just a few days later, it announced a deal with BP to expand the number of charging stations.

“Hertz is not only incorporating more EVs into their fleet through its five-year deal with GM, but also getting into the charging infrastructure business with BP Pulse,” he says.

Hertz’s ambitions seem clear: It wants travelers to think of Hertz when they think of renting an EV, and with such speedy EV adoption, it may get its wish.