What this ‘Impact’ Specialist says about Autonomous Transportation

This featured article takes a look at some of the work going on in Pennsylvania in conjunction with University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Yeganeh Mashayekh Hayeri is a post-doctorate research fellow at UPenn who works with the GRASP lab. She was a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University (with USDOT T-SET UTC (Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation). Hayeri’s projects are funded by UTC.

We frequently hear about what is happening within the driverless industry in states like California and Nevada. Hayeri has experience working in both of these states but now finds herself in Pennsylvania. The juxtaposition between geography is just one of the challenges that needs to be sorted out within this industry. Hayeri is working to help educate people about the overall impact that the evolving autonomous industry will have on our transportation system. This emerging technology is creating a paradigm shift in the way we think about issues relating to transportation regardless of what coast you live on, or whether you are north or south of the Mason-Dixon line.