What Should We Do With “Old Mobility”?

One approach is to re-purpose our transport assets so that they align more with what’s coming rather than with what exists. The minds at Wunder Mobility, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, offers solutions that address the current stock of vehicles on our roads today. This writer had the opportunity to speak to Sam Baker, Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Wunder, and obtained some insight on how we might begin to capture more utility from our existing mobility assets…

Another example of re-purposing existing infrastructure is the use of standard city light poles as charging stations for shared micromobility devices. Baker referenced Kuhmute, a startup that offers a solution for shared scooter operators that could solve the expensive pickup-recharge-deploy problem faced by companies like Bird and Lime. Rather than paying third-party contractors to recharge the devices, operators could require their customers to dock their devices at an equipped light pole after use, which solves the charging and the “unsightly sidewalk obstacle” problem at the same time.