What Insurance Do I Need For Micro-Mobility?

For anyone using a micro-mobility device like a skateboard, e-bike or scooter, health insurance will generally cover your injuries if you crash. If someone else crashes into you, you can potentially sue them (and get a payout from their liability insurance) for injuries and damage to your micro-mobile.

Buying additional coverage for your small transportation probably isn’t worth it. “The product quality isn’t at a good enough level yet,” says Strobel. “Most of the e-scooters you see around in the city have a surprisingly low lifespan.”

The insurance question for micro-mobility devices is largely unresolved. A scooter rental company like Lime, for example, deals with the liability issue by requiring customers to sign an agreement that limits its liability.

“Micro-mobility presents operators, and their fellow sidewalk and road users, with new risks,” says Stan Caldwell, executive director of the Traffic21 Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. “And wherever there is risk, insurance will find a market.”