What GM Wants Drivers to Understand about Super Cruise

General Motors has announced a new campaign to educate car shoppers and buyers on how its latest driver-assistance systems actually work. The tagline is simple: “Hands Free, Eyes On.” That refers to the Super Cruise system it’s rolling out in new models from all four of its brands: Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick.

GM worries its buyers, and the public at large, don’t understand the different types of automated driver assistance systems (ADAS). The campaign’s goal, it said, is to “encourage consumer confidence” in the benefits of ADAS systems overall and to “avoid concern and confusion.” The campaign itself will be composed of “content” that covers “free educational resources and best practices” to be distributed on “GM social channels” and its website. GM also plans to host classes for personnel at the independent dealerships that sell its cars, to educate them as well.