What does roadbuilding of the future look like?

A grader scrapes at the granular surface of what will soon be a new roadway. In the cab, an operator watches a screen, checking the grade and material compaction. He doesn’t bother to get out of the cab. Doesn’t have to. The machine uses satellite network data and sensors to assess the work.

Nearby, an excavator is clawing at the ground. In the distance, an operator is directing the operation via remote control. In another area, a construction worker wearing a powered exoskeleton suit, which increases strength and endurance, is moving heavy rocks and debris out of the way.

Welcome to the roadbuilding site of the future.

Machine-control systems, autonomous vehicles, robots, augmented and virtual reality, and drones will be the new norm down the road, according to representatives of firms that provide construction technology solutions and machine control systems to the roadbuilding and other industries.